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Since the enactment of The Tobacco Control Act and The PACT Act in the United States, there has been a lot of accurate but also very non-factual statements made concerning responsibilities under these laws.

Confusion among US State offices, Federal offices, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers is rampant especially concerning eStores.  Lawsuits and Injunctions have been filed against the PACT Act and parts of the Tobacco Control Act as violating the US Constitution.

There are as of yet no standardized procedures or regulatory guidelines on a number of issues in regards to both laws, especially State by State compliance.  Conflicting Guidance Advisories from FDA have also complicated determining many compliance issues.

Since Foreign Cigarettes dot com is a site with no warehouse, offices or any other physical presence within the USA, a whole new set of questions arise as to free trade and even how the 50 States can receive collected Tobacco Taxes from foreign retail eStore corporations.  Currently, no State has a mechanism in place to do so.

We are committed to presenting you with Advertisers who are compliant with all laws and regulations for all the countries they do business in.

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