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At Foreign Cigarettes, our goal is to provide a wealth of information regarding sources for the best and most reliable online cigarette retailers and to provide as much information as we can on other aspects of cigarettes and the smoking hobby in general.

The Foreign Cigarettes  management team combines decades of experience within the cigarette, cigar and technology industries to provide you with the safest, most economical, service driven shopping experience on the web. Through extensive research and testing, Foreign Cigarettes will strive to provide you with the greatest selection of discount Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco product Retailers on the web! Cigarette products on this site are made by the largest Multi-National Manufacturing companies and exported around the world.

Buying duty free cigarettes online should be as easy as, say, buying a book on Amazon or shoes from your favorite online shoe store. It shouldn’t be a headache. Worrying about payment methods, shipping, taxes and high prices are obstacles that should never be part of the Duty Free equation.

Foreign Cigarettes recommends two very reliable foreign online retailers. CheapCigarettes, a company who has been online since 2007, delivers to the United States only and has many satisfied customers and Duty Free Depot, a company who has been online since 2001 and also has many satisfied customers. DFD has super low prices (lower than any we’ve seen for a few years) and delivers world-wide. Now that regulations and shipping factors have changed in the online cigarette business we wanted to put the pressure on ourselves to find solutions and not on you! New fulfillment centers, 24/7 customer support + FREE Shipping On all CheapCigarettes tobacco purchases. Enter the coupon code taxfreecig in your shopping cart and receive up to 5% off any purchase from CheapCigarettes.

What we have found at Foreign Cigarettes are reliable partners that are ready to take your orders and will even give you free shipping on all of your orders. This is something that we are very excited to pass on to you.

Through these partnerships, we are now able to put top brands like Camel, Parliament, Kool, Winston, MORE, Kent and many more in front of you and get them to you duty free.

You shouldn’t have to leave your home to buy your cigarettes.

Foreign Cigarettes can help you. Click on ads on this site and browse by brand, by price and view our selection of popular Electronic Cigarette retailers (“Vaping” is rapidly becoming more popular than traditional smoking!).

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YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER to purchase Tobacco products from any of the advertisers at Foreign Cigarettes. New accounts and E-check orders may be required to provide a valid government issued picture ID.  A Signature may be required by an adult when receiving your initial delivery. Your shipments may come on EMS, United States Postal Service (USPS) 1st class mail, United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and others.

To help you quit smoking conventional tobacco products, try the new Electronic Cigarette. There is zero tar entering your lungs and you can ween yourself off your nicotine habit by purchasing less and less potent nicotine cartridges. They even have cartridges with no nicotine in them for when you are ready to kick your nicotine habit for good!

Other sites on the web are available to help you kick the smoking habit at Google Search – keywords = smoking cessation.

In most jurisdictions around the world, it is illegal for any person under the age of 21 to purchase cigarettes and most (if not all) other tobacco products.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide and is hazardous to your health.

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